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At Baltic Translations, we recognize the essential importance of precise and compelling communication in fostering successful engagements.

At Baltic Translations, we understand the critical role of effective communication in attaining success. Whether you're a multinational corporation expanding your global presence, a researcher sharing discoveries worldwide, or an individual seeking translation services for personal documents, our dedicated team is ready to fulfill your unique needs with precision and commitment.

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Enhance your global communication with our expert translation services, ensuring precision and cultural fluency for seamless cross-language interactions.



Specializing in financial, legal, and marketing translation, we extend our expertise across diverse sectors. Committed to professionalism, we leverage cutting-edge technology, implement rigorous quality management at every project phase, ensure timely delivery, and offer competitive rates. Our translators, exclusively native speakers, follow a comprehensive process involving a primary translator and a specialized reviser, ensuring precision and excellence in every translation.



Our certification of translations instills public trust in the translated document, ensuring its legal validity in specific countries. Vital for various legal documents like birth certificates, contracts, wills, and notarial deeds, certified translations are indispensable. As specialized linguists proficient in law and legal translations, we deliver certified translations and manage the entire bureaucratic process on your behalf.



Interpreting involves the oral mediation of communication between speakers of different languages, smoothly bridging language gaps through various modes like simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, or over-the-phone. With an extensive network of interpreters in Portugal and beyond, specializing in diverse subjects, we ensure effective communication. Moreover, we offer audiovisual equipment and deliver turnkey projects at competitive prices, providing a comprehensive language solution.



Transcreation, also referred to as creative translation, goes beyond literal word translation by capturing the essence of a message and adapting it for the target market. This method is essential for navigating challenges in cross-cultural marketing. Embraced widely in global marketing and advertising, transcreation ensures content is tailored in a manner that resonates with the target audience. Failing to incorporate transcreation poses a significant risk in achieving effective cross-cultural communication.



With expertise in subtitling for corporate presentations, promotional videos, and online content, we provide end-to-end services. This includes detailed script transcription, precise subtitle timing (spotting), translation of subtitles, and editing for various video formats. Our comprehensive video subtitling services cater to diverse needs, ensuring your message is effectively communicated in a cost-effective manner.



Beyond our standard translation and revision services, we offer specialized revision for translations sourced externally. Our focus extends beyond correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation to enhancing style and sentence structure. These services are conducted by native linguists, guaranteeing meticulous attention to detail and eliminating any potential errors.

Fields of expertise

With mastery across diverse domains including financial, legal, and technical fields, we guarantee precision and fluency in delivering specialized language solutions tailored to your industry needs.

economic and FINANCIAL

Your economic and financial translations need to be exact and precise. This is our main field of expertise along with legal translations. We work with professional highly specialised translators only.

Legal and JUDICIAL

Put your legal translations in the right hands. We provide accurate translation of legal documents and certification services, if needed. You can trust our excellent linguistic skills as well as specific legal knowledge.

Marketing and advertising

Creative texts often need to be “transcreated”, rather than just purely “translated”. Here, where craft meets art, is where true marketing miracles can happen. Your success is our goal.

MANUFACTURING and engineering

We provide fast, accurate and flawless technical translations that our clients can trust by employing only linguist experts with solid experience and technical terminology knowledge. Let us help you sell your products worldwide.

Information Technology

We help you open the doors of your businesses to clients all around the globe, therefore maximizing exposure and business success. We localise online help files, graphical user interfaces or your smartphone apps, among others.

Wine and Cork INDUSTRY

Cork and wine play a vital role in the economy. We are proud of our long-term collaboration with some of the largest Portuguese wine and cork manufacturers, translating texts about all stages of the process, from growing the vines to wine-tasting.

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